Workshop: Falty & Nina @ THE EXCHANGE 2010

Basic Intensive Classes

Whole Body Dancing or Above the Belt

Do a little peckin’, shoulder shruggin’, and knee slapping, but whatever you do, don’t just dance with your feet! Mike and Nina will provide you some ideas on how to use your entire body while dancing, helping you make your dancing more energetic, dynamic, and aesthetic.

Intro to Slow Dancing

Blues dancing this and blues dancing that–it seems like it’s all anyone ever hears about these days! Mike and Nina take a more traditional approach to dancing to not just blues, but any down-tempo music, doing exactly what the old-timers still call it–slow dancing.

Footwork & Rhythms Variations

Shakee dah bedeep e dah! If you want to learn how to translate the preceding sentence, come to this class. For Mike and Nina, rhythms drive footwork and “tell our feet what to do”. We’ll give you a glimpse into how we think about footwork, providing you some specific patterns to challenge you!

Not Lindy Hop, But Lindy Hop

Black Bottom

The Black Bottom originated in New Orleans in the 1900s. The dance became a sensation and overtook the popularity of the Charleston, eventually becoming the number one social dance. A short black bottom choreography that will help you add some of that traditional flare to your styling.

What’s a Mellow Dicty? Slow Jazz Routine

Everything’s ok the live long day, with this mellow song, I can’t go wrong. Learn some chill solo jazz choreography that will inspire you to work on solo movement to all tempos.

Jazz Me Lindy

Incorporating jazz steps into your Lindy Hop

Stompin’ at the Savoy

Frankie’s Favorites

Lindy hoppers the world over owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Frankie Manning, an originator and true innovator of the dance. There’s no better way to show our appreciation and keep the spirit of Frankie alive than continuing to teach, learn, and dance his classic moves. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn steps that every Lindy hopper should know!

Savoy Sampler

A sampling of different dances that were done socially at the Savoy Ballroom, right before or along with the Lindy Hop, including Fox Trot, Peabody and Jig Walks to name a few! A great way to add variety to your dancing.

What Would Al and Leon Do?

Al Minns and Leon James members of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, What Would They Do?

For Lindy Hop Challenger

Creativity through Sillyosity

To quote a Chinese classic text, “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd.” Come look like fools with us and help fuel your creativity.

All Flash, No Trash

Set your dancing apart with some tricks that can be done on the social dance floor or in performance.

Advanced Lindy Routine

Lindy hop has long been a performance art form. Move beyond your strong social dancing skills by learning a high energy, fast paced, and fun original routine with Mike and Nina. No partner required and there will be partner rotation.

Special Class for Competitors*

The Secrets of Competition with the best judges Mike Faltesek and Nina Gilkenson (※ This class is competitors-finalists ONLY)


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