Todd Yannacone – Part 1

All of Lindy Hoppers have their favorite dancers or inspiring dancers. I have been inspired many Lindy Hoppers in the world. Recently, Falty’s dance and his mind was very impressed. But, I can say that Todd is most inspiring dancer to me.

Seriously, I see swing videos for countless hour and think about lindy hop every monent. Yes~! Toddy made me crazy lindy maniac. About 3 years ago, some of good leaders in Korea did back-kicking swingout instead of rockstep swingout. I really wanted to do that style. So, I started finding videos on youtube, then I found two videos belows

I saw those videos repeat and repeat… uncountable…
I can’t believe that it was 3 years ago
It seems like I started dacning just a few days ago, now it’s not just hobby… part of my life

Todd has many strengths… I think…
– Physical (Very long)
– Highy Talented
– Creativity

Lately, I watched very impressed video. He outshines dancing with Naomi. -_-b
I don’t know that Todd keep partnership with Naomi now. But, I really love their dancing.

All Korean lindyhopers love Todd’s dancing, but some of them don’t like Todd’s attitude.
Not only Todd, but also other champion dancers’ attitude come in for criticism.
Teaching lindyhop around the world.. it’s not easy and very tiring.. different people, foods, jet lag…
We should know that..

My friend Todd…
he loves drinking Soju than beer because Soju is stronger. So he can get drunk faster.
Vegetarian… loves playing guitar…
Yeh.. He is a normal person who worry about future like Korean 20s ๐Ÿ™‚

To be Continued…


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