About Swing Dancers & Venues in Seoul, Korea

1. Seoul is the biggest swing scene in the World.
Over 5000 dancers and 14 venues…

2. You can dance EVERY NIGHT~!!
There are many places to go dancing every night.
Entrance fee is about $6 (include 1 beverage)

3. Korean dancers usually use their nickname…
YES, Nalla Kim is my nickname, my name is Myeongjin Kim.
I like my nickname… because it is not difficult to remember and pronounce.
And, my nickname “Nalla” means “Flying”

4. Swing Venue = Swing Bar
We call a place for swing dance “Swing Bar”
Don´t misunderstand..it’s not a bar for swingers.

5. We usually dance 1 song at once
cf) In Herrang dance camp, dancers usually 2-3 songs at once

6. Korean dancers usually start dancing over 20 years old
I’ve never met a teenager swing dancer in Korea. (Also, few silver swing dancers)
I started dancing when I was 24 years old.

7. There is no Original swing jazz band in Korea
But, we have awesome DJs. They usually find good songs from major swing event video on youtube.
They know famous bands in US… such as Jonathan Stout, Loose Marbles, Boiler Maker…
Also, they collect a lot of songs from champion dancers who visit Korea.

8. Korean = Shy People
Actually, I’m NOT a shy guy… but some of Korean dancers are very shy..
they aren’t unkind… 🙂

I will keep updating this post


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