2nd place – All Star Lindy JnJ (Nalla & Teni) @ ILHC 2011

Teni Lopez-Cardenas (http://www.tenilopez.com/)… She is an awesome lindyhop, balboa dancer and instructor. I met her at the Rhythmic Arts Festival 2007 (San Diego, CA) and met again at ILHC this year. she was one of the members of “23 Skidoo”. Now, she is one of the members of “Lindy Hopper’s Dozen” with Mike & Laura (Austin, TX). she won many competitions including Strictly Lindyhop @ RAF 2007, Team div @ ULHS 2007

Actually, I and Teni didn’t have many chances to dance with… so I worried about that… but it made me focus more on partner and music than my own moves. As you know, partnership is more important than fancy moves at Jack & Jill division… Her solid following and reaction made us winning 2nd place… Thank you again Teni~!


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