THE AJW 2013

Interview – Nalla Kim (The Very First AJW 2013) – Anthony Mak (Singapore)

AJW 2012

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Authentic Jazz and Lindy hop will arrive at Seoul!
The first amazing event you must enjoy in 2013.
Authentic Jazz Weekend 2013 in Seoul is coming soon!

■ Date : 2013. 1. 11(Fri) ~ 2013. 1. 13(Sun)
■ Place : Swing Time, Swing Zoo and Big Apple
■ Instructors : Mike Faltesek, Laura Glaess and Ramona Staffeld
■ Organizers : The Sweet Heart

■ Workshop Introduction

<Solo Jazz Dance>
This event will provide you workshops to take opportunities to meet the best solo Jazz dance classes from Michael Faltesek and Laura Glaess who have taught solo jazz classes the stompology the best authentic jazz dance event. They will help you not only to be more confident in dancing alone with jazz music but to create your jazz movement while dancing the lindyhop.

< Lindy hop>
We are very excited to watch enthusiastic and charismatic dancing of Michael Faltesek and super dynamic movement of Laura Glaess dancing together on the floor in Seoul. Taking their classes at this event will guarantee that the students should be inspired by their passion and have lasting impression during the Lindy hop classes.



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