Travel & Teach

Upcoming Events in 2018

July 20-22 Jeju Swing Camp (Jeju Island / Special Guests)
July 27-29 Swing Out Loud (Kuala Lumpur / Teaching)
Aug 18 Seattle Workshop
Aug 23-26 ILHC (Washington DC / Judging – Nalla)
Oct 5-7 Busan Workshop (Nalla Kim & Tatiana Udry)
Dec 28-Jan 1 Shanghai Workshop

Events & Workshop & Travels


March 2-4 Lindy Blossom in Busan (Teaching)


May 15 GuangZhou Workshop (Nalla)
June 2-4 Swingin’ and Spring (Gothernburg, Sweden)
July 14-16 Deco Swing Workshop (Shanghai, China)
July 22-29 Herrang Dance Camp (Stockholm, Sweden)
Aug 5-12 Studio Hop Summer Camp (France)
Aug 20 Seattle Savoy Swing Club Workshop
Aug 24-27 ILHC 10th Anniversary (Washington D.C., Main Judge)
Sept 1-4 Camp Hollywood 20th Anniversary (L.A., USA)
Dec 8-10 Taipei Workshop “JF Swing

Feb 17-19 Hong Kong Workshop
Swing Beijing Workshop (Nalla & Hyunjung)


International Lindy Hop Championships (Main Judge)
Spring Swing in Beijing, China (Teaching, Performning)
Korea Balboa Weekend (Invitational Jack & Jill)
Osaka Lindy Exchange (Special Guest)
Urban Swing Workshop in Busan (Teaching, Performing)
Asia Balboa Classic (Judge)
Blues & Blues (Special Guest)
BUSAN B.A.N.T. Workshop

Chicago Jump Session in Stockholm, Sweden (Teaching)
Workshop in Genova, Italy
Workshop in Beijing, China (Teaching)
International Lindy Hop Championships (Main Judge)
Swingtime Ball in Shanghai, China (Teaching, Judging)

Authentic Jazz Weekend in Seoul
Frankie 100 in SEOUL (Organizer)
Daegu Rhythm Festa (Performing, Teaching)
Taipei Workshop (Teaching, Performing, organized by Taipei PLAY Lindy)
Full Summer Swing in Tokyo (Teaching, Performing, organized by Dancing Bus)
Jeju Swing Camp with Gordon Wester Band, Sage Min Swingtet
Swingin’ at the National Museum (Teaching, Performing with Sage Min Swingtet)
International Lindy Hop Championships (Main Judge)
Jarasum International Jazz Festival (Teaching, Performing and Choreographing)
Taipei Lindy Festival (Judge)
Swing Time Ball in Beijing, China (Teaching, Performing, Judging)

Korea Balboa Weekend with Nick & Sylvia
STIR IT (Zürich, Teach/Perform)
Jarasum International Jazz Festival (Gapyung-gun, Teach, Perform w/ Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
Swing and Blues with Dirt Music Express (Phoenix, Social)
FatCat Ballroom (Phoenix, Social)
Gwangju World Music Festival (Gwangju, Perform w/ Gipsy & Fish Orchestra)
Bluesweet (Seoul, DJing)
International Lindy Hop Championships (Washington D.C., Judge/Compete)
Camp Hollywood/National Jitterbug Championships (L.A., Compete/DJing)
LindyGroove (L.A., Social)
Southland Strutters’ Ball (Orange County, Social)
Swing at the Space (Tokyo, Social)
Jeju Swing Camp with the Boilermaker / Gordon Webster  (Jeju Island, Teach)
Jarasum Rhythm & BBQ Festival (Gapyung-gun, Teach/Perform)
Authentic Jazz Weekend >(Co-organizer with the Sweet Heart)

Korea Balboa Weekend with Jeremy & Laura (Workshop, DJing and Judge)
Korea Open Swing Dance Championships with Max & Annie, Chance & Giselle (Judge, Competition)
Jeju Swing Camp with the Boilermaker Jazz Band (Social)
International Lindy Hop Championships (Judge & Competitions)
Blues & Balboa with Bernard & Anne-Helene (Workshop & Competition & DJing
DC Lindy Exchange (Social – Washington D.C.)
New Orleans Jazz Fest (Social – New Orleans)
New Orleans (Performances with NOLA Jitterbugs, The Speakeasy Trio, Smoking Time Jazz Club)
Austin Swing Syndicate (Social)
San Antonio (Social)
Da City Swing & House of Blues and Jazz (Social – Shanghai)
The S Party with the Sweet Heart & the Seoul Hoppers (Organizer & MC)

Korea Balboa Weekend with Nick & Sylvia, Mickey & Kelly, Jeremy & Laura (Workshop, Master Class and Competition)
International Lindy Hop Championships (Competitions – Washington D.C.)
Swing Out New Hampshire (Teaching, Workshop and Performance – New Hampshire)
Silvershadows Todd Yanncone Workshop (Co-Instructor: Jessica): Lindyhop, Charleston
THE EXCHANGE with Todd & Nina (Organizer: Nalla)
Hong Kong Swing Festival – Teaching & DJing (Instructors: Max, Annie, Thomas, Alice, Nalla, Jessica)

Korea Balboa Weekend with Nick & Sylvia, Mickey & Kelly (Workshop, Master Class & Competition)
THE EXCHANGE with Falty & Nina (Organizer: Nalla)
Bluesmasters with Joe & Nelle (Staff: Nalla)

23 Skidoo Dan Newsome Workshop (Organizer: Nalla)
23 Skidoo Dan Newsome Workshop (Co-Instructor: Jessica): Charleston Inside, Blues, Fast Lindyhop
Seoul Summer Balboa Weekend with Bernard & Anne-Helene (Workshop & Competition)
Boston Tea Party (Workshop, Competition – Boston)
Sacramento Lindy Exchange (Social – Sacramento)

Herrang Dance Camp (Sweden) – Lindyhop Advanced (Highest Level), Show & Competition
Jazz Jam (Sweden)
Frankie Manning Workshop (New York)
23 Skidoo Joe & Nelle Workshop & Master Class (Organizer: Nalla)
Korea Lindyhop Revolution Workshop & Master Class

Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (Workshop, Competition – Minneapolis)
Rhythmic Arts Festival (Workshop, Competition – San Diego)
Todd & Naomi Workshop (Workshop)
Max & Annie Workshop (Workshop)
Dax & Emily Workshop (Workshop)

Korea Lindyhop Revolution (Workshop & Master Class, Seoul)

Teaching, Performing and Judging (Local)

Footwork & Styling Workshop with Daniel Larsson
Advanced Lindyhop @ Swing Scandal (6 weeks)
Fast Lindyhop
Swivel Workshop
Advanced Lindyhop @ Sweety Swing (6 weeks)
Show & Competition
Authentic Jazz Workshop
Nalla Kim & Ramona Staffeld Special Workshop

Authentic Jazz Workshop @ Crazy Swing
Advanced Lindyhop @ Crazy Swing
Musical Footwork & Dynamic Fast Lindyhop @ Bat Swing
Balboa Basic Plus
Original Big Apple
Lindyhop Basic Clinic
Vintage Lindy Hop
Swingout variations & swivels @ Sweety Swing
Swively Swivel (Jessica Yoon)
Authentic Jazz Workshop (June-Aug)
Dynamic Swingout & Musical Footworks
Adanced Lindyhop @ Swing Scandal
Blues in July
Tranky “Slide” Doo
Fast Lindyhop Workshop @ Crazy Swing
Vintage Charleston Workshop @ Swing Family
Vintage Lindy Hop
Slow Balboa Workshop @ Orange Swing “OILL” Camp
Blues in April
Lindyhop Intermediate Workshop Season 2
Show & Competition
Balboa 101 Workshop
Nalla Kim & Ramona Staffeld Special Workshop
Lindyhop Intermediate Workshop

Lindyhop Challenger @ Swing Friends (6 weeks)
Lindyhop Intermediate @ Sweety Swing (6 weeks)
Footwork & Swivel @ Sweety Swing (2 weeks)
Balboa & Blues (2 weeks)
Lindyhop Beginner @ Swing Scandal (8 weeks)
Lindyhop Beginner-Intermediate @ Swing Scandal (8 weeks)
Lindyhop Intermediaate @ Swing Scandal (6 weeks)
Hat Trick & Jazz Move Workshop (Nalla)
Vintage Lindy Hop with Nalla, Ramona and Jessica (4 weeks)
One Day Special #1 – Balboa & Blues
One Day Special #2 – Show & Competition
Authentic Jazz with Nalla, Jessica, Heechang and Tae (4 weeks)
Balboa & Blues Workshop (2 weeks)
Vintage Lindy Hop with Nalla & Jessica (4 weeks)

Swing Fever One day Special Workshop in Daejeon (Nalla & Ameli)
Swing Island Workshop in Jeju
Burn the Day Workshop (Nalla & Young)
Lindyhop Intermediate “The Style” (2 weeks)
Fantastic Lindy Exchange & Workshop in Daegu
Lindyhop Intermediate @ Sweety Swing (6 weeks)
Nalla & Jessica’s Workshop @ Jeju Swing Island (weekend)
Lindyhop Beginner @ Swing Scandal (8 weeks)
Lindyhop Beginner-Intermediate @ Swing Scandal (8 weeks)
Lindyhop Intermediaate @ Swing Scandal (6 weeks)

Christmas Performance Class @ Sweety Swing (2 weeks)
Sweet Heart Performance @ Legends of Swing with Norma Miller & Chazz Young: Dec 11
Sweet Heart Performance @ Sweety Swing 11th Anniversary Party: Nov 27
Sweet Heart Performance @ Sweet Friends Party: Oct 8
Todd Yannacone Workshop (Co-Instructor: Jessica): Feb 10 – March 2
Master Lindyhop (Advanced) – Hot & Cool Swing (5 weeks)

Lindyhop Advanced @ Sweety Swing (4 weeks)
Lindyhop Intermediate @ Sweety Swing (7 weeks)
Lindyhop Intermediate @ Sweety Swing (6 weeks)
Master Lindyhop (Advanced) @ Hot & Cool Swing (5 weeks)
Fast Lindyhop @ Sweety Swing (4 weeks)
Happy Feet (Lindyhop Beginner & Intermediate) @ Swing Fever (4 weeks)
Beginner, Intermediate Jack & Jill Judge @ 3rd Anniversary Party of Hot & Cool Swing

Solo Charleston Performance (Jessica) @ Korea Lindyhop Revolution
Happy Feet (Lindyhop Beginner & Intermediate) @ Orange Swing
Lindyhop Routine Workshop
Rhythmicallity Workshop
Fast Lindy & Charleston Workshop
Happy Feet (Lindyhop Beginner & Intermediate)
Partner Charleston Workshop
Swingout Battle

Korea Expressway corp. & Korean Federation of Teacher’s Associations Workshop
Lindyhop Beginner @ Swing House (4 weeks)
Lindyhop Beginner & Intermediate @ Swing House (4 weeks)
Fast Feet (Fast Lindyhop)
Happy Feet (Lindyhop Beginner & Intermediate)
Swingout Battle
Baby Feet (Lindyhop Basic Intensive)
Solo Charleston Workshop (Nalla)
Lindyhop Basic & Fancy move Workshop
Lindyhop Routine workshop @ Swing Friends (Nalla)
Blues Beginner (Jessica)

Lindyhop Beginner @ Happy Swing (Jessica)


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